Mercury Filling Removal

At Sorriso Dental we are S.M.A.R.T. certified, which means we safely remove your mercury amalgam fillings using the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique.

Mercury is toxic, so why is it in our dental fillings?

Think back to when we used mercury thermometers. What would happen if you broke one? It was a big deal, because mercury is toxic. So, why is mercury used in dental fillings? At Sorriso Dental, we believe it’s time to think differently about the dental fillings in our mouths.

Traditional dental fillings are made of materials such as synthetic resins, metals, and cements. While these materials are effective in repairing tooth decay, they are not biocompatible in the body, and metal amalgam fillings contain toxic mercury.

Biological dental treatments are biocompatible and bioresorbable, which means they are made of materials that are in line with the body’s natural healing process. They don’t cause the adverse side effects that traditional dental materials have been known to cause, such as allergic reactions, migration, or deterioration of tooth structure.

Tooth filled with Amalgam Material

S.M.A.R.T. Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique

The removal of mercury amalgam fillings can release particles that are contaminated with mercury into the air. To protect yourself and your dental team from exposure, it is important to choose a biological dentist certified in safe mercury amalgam removal. Dr. Labritz and the Sorriso Dental team are SMART certified and are dedicated to restoring and improving your whole body wellness through Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal.
Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique certification (SMART) signifies that a dentist has completed the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT’s) educational program about rigorous recommendations for removing existing dental mercury amalgam fillings.
As with most academic educational programming, upon completion of the course, the dentist determines the specific methods and techniques that will be employed in his/her own dental practice. This is because health care professionals must make their own informed judgments in their practices.

Remove Metal Fillings for a Healthier YOU

At Sorriso Dental, we’re committed to restoring teeth with materials that mimic natural teeth and contribute to your wellness. Amalgam holds a long track-record in dentistry, but it contains a mix of metals, including mercury. We believe that eliminating the use of amalgam is healthier for you and us.

You’ll find:

Safe removal and disposal of metals
SMART certification for ultimate protection
Tooth-colored materials that blend with your smile
Bonding techniques that strengthen teeth
Personalized solutions based on your goals and history

Experience The Difference.

Our commitment to your wellbeing includes the materials we use and the way we use them. At Sorriso Dental, we leave your mouth prettier, stronger, and healthier. Your overall health wins, too! Book an appointment today to discuss your options for better health and a smile you love to share!